Isac Berglund on Unannounced

Unannounced was given birth by Heine Avdal
and Yukiko Shinozaki on the 21st of april 2017
in Brussels. Throughout it’s life it made
changes to their appearance at times, often
corresponding with a move to different cities,
different countries. Yet they never changed the
inner sanctum of themselves, holding on to
what made them, them. Sometimes quite scary,
sometimes trivial, sometimes erratic.
Unannounced had an eager quest for sharing
their message with the world, highlighting the
visual practices of seeing and blurring the lines
of performance. By changing the way
performances are observed the viewer is put in
a new position from traditional viewership.
Making it hard to judge by norm criteria. At the
beginning when I met Unannounced I felt that
by using text, showing the literal act of
viewership “you are now looking at a wall” they
make us aware of our actions, which is fun, but
after a while it becomes unstimulating. You can
not really elaborate on such a statement after
 a few times. At the same time maybe that is all
there is to it and that can suffice, the
performance becomes more of a spectacle later
on. Simultaneously the message to the audience
clings on through its entirety and is the focal
point of it all. Erasing the lines for what
spectatorship is. The engagement of an
intermedial approach is what starts the fire of
interest, bringing Shinozaki and Avdal’s
intentions and exploration to fruition. On the
29th of March 2019 Unannounced passed
away, but some remnants might be found at
Kortreist dansefestival in June if you wish to
pay your respects.