KKV Stockholm Spring 2017 (English)


The future will be choreographed. We claimed this last year at the launch of the first round of Koreografikritikverkstad (KKV). At least this is the only thing that is certain. The forms of the future criticism of choreography are, of course, not as self-evident. This year we continue to experiment with creating a new criticism, and we think that failing well is better than succeeding passably. Criticism must invite and resist, remind us of what we have forgotten and make us see anew.

The participants of KKV sign up for attending three performances and three text meetings after these under moderation of Danjel Andersson (MDT) and Axel Andersson + Jenny Aschenbrenner (Kritiklabbet). It is important that those that wish to participate are able to attend all of the events. After every performance the participants create critical responses following experimental guidelines stipulated prior to the performance, that are later published on a webpage. Shortly thereafter there is a collective text criticism meeting where the texts are discussed collectively. In the spring of 2017 KKV will be held entirely in English.

KKV Spring 2017 is arranged by MDT and Kritiklabbet in collaboration with Operan and Turteatern.

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