We need to think about critical writing and choreography. Why? Because the future is here and it will be choreographed. 

KKV* is a practical workshop in finding forms for writing and discussing criticism of choreography. It is an anarchic approach and format to the future of what elsewhere is called ”dance criticism”. In short: a number of workshop participants meet and see choreographed performances together. They are given a ”task” before or after the show informing them of how they should write their criticism. These tasks could set a formal frame, or be related to content. An example of the latter can be the reocurring task to “write a subjective review”, that is to bring in all the personal reflections of the experience that most reviewers leave out. After writing their texts they meet to discuss them collectively. 

A forerunner to KKV was organized at MDT (a performance space in Stockholm) in 2013 by Danjel Andersson (director of MDT) who was invited to speak in 2016 at the opening of Kritiklabbet (a laboratory for future critical formats in Stockholm). This led to a fruitful collaboration between Kritiklabbet (led by Axel Andersson) and MDT, and the first KKV was set up in Stockholm in the autumn of 2016. 

The KKV workshop format has also been arranged by invitation in a number of other locations. The text from the Stockholm rounds of KKV are found on this website (look in Archive). These are texts that have not undergone editorial revisions.

So far KKV has taken place here: 

  • Stockholm autumn 2016 Kritiklabbet and MDT in collaboration with Dansens Hus (led by Danjel Andersson and Axel Andersson)
  • Stockholm spring 2017 Kritiklabbet and MDT in collaboration with Turteatern and Kungliga Operan (led by Danjel Andersson and Axel Andersson)
  • Trondheim, Norway spring 2017 invited by DansiT – Dansekunst i Trondheim og Midt-Norge (led by Danjel Andersson and Anne Vigeland)
  • Stockholm autumn 2017 Kritiklabbet and MDT in collaboration with Dansens Hus and Weld (led by Danjel Andersson and Axel Andersson)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark winter 2018 invited by Frie Felts festival (led by Danjel Andersson)
  • Oslo, Norway summer 2018 invited by Dansekritikerrørsla (led by Axel Andersson and Anne Vigeland)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark autumn 2018 invited by Træning i Dansehallerne (led by Josefin Gladh)

In the spring of 2019 KKV is being arranged in Stockholm again at MDT, this time in collaboration with the Life Long Burning project which is supported by Culture Programme of the European Union.


*The impossibly long word Koreografikritikverkstad was chosen for the challenge it presented when it came the to pronunciation, especially for non-Swedish speakers. It also communicated something, a ”choreography criticism workshop”. But what’s in a name, let’s just call it KKV.